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Thanks for Writes Day 2017!

Submitted by admin on Sat, 02/04/2017 - 10:05

A big thanks from  Young Writers Project for all the energy and imagination and fun you shared on this site, on on this, one of the most successful Vermont Writes Days ever. 

We've closed the site, but please go to to do some more writing. If you don't have an account, apply for one and we'll get back to you soon when we activate the account. (We check all applications to ensure that kids or adults we know are the only ones who have access to that community!)

TEACHERS and students please take a look at the 2017 Participants on the right to see if your school is included in the list. If it isn't please send an email to to tell us your school, # of participants and a picture, if you have it! THANKS!
The best work from Vermont Writes Day will be featured in a special edition of our monthly digital magazine,!

Be well. And keep on writing!

To remind you, here were this year's prompts, suggested by a handful of community members on (thanks, gang):

  • Bad: Write from the perspective of an antagonist. How did he or she become the "bad guy" (bully, thief, villain)? What's the backstory?
  • Knew: Use this phrase at the beginning or ending of your piece: "I just knew..."
  • Letter: A baby was born today. Write a letter to introduce this child to the world as you see it.
  • Object: Write a story or poem inspired by your character(s) discovering a mysterious object in a thrift shop or flea market.
  • Pickle: Include the following words in a story or poem: callous, pickle, spell, snail, firefighter.
  • Siren: What does the sound of a siren make you think of? What is happening? Are they coming for you? Or your character?
  • Smartphone: Do you ever feel like throwing your smartphone as far away as you can? Why? And what happens next...?
  • General: Write about anything--in any genre or style!

The old house

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 21:15

Chapter 1

The night was dark and rainy, as usual nights were in my neighborhood. I live on an old cobblestone street. All the houses faded and aged. Every house was only separated by a thin alley, and they echoed with my foot steps as I cut through them to get to my mailbox. Each house was gloomy in its own way, but there was one darker than the rest. I would walk by it every day when I went to and from school, and there was never a light to be seen inside those muddy windows. It has been empty of people for as long as I can remember, probably decades. As I neared my mailbox I saw the house come into view. There was something beautiful and elegant about it, but also mysterious and creepy. I looked up at the old, forever dark house that I have known for so many years, and smiled.


Something unexpected happened that night, something very odd and a little scary, happened in the dark shadows of my neighborhood. A lamp flickered on in the house.


Chapter 2

For a second I couldn’t believe what my eyes had witnessed. All the joy I had been feeling about the old elegant house faded away and now I was just plain scared. Was I imagining things? I don’t think I was…. But it just didn’t make sense. The house is old sagged, and probably infested with critters. It’s not possible for someone to live there, yet the light still looming in the window made me think otherwise.


I need to think about what just happened, and get some sleep. I was in complete shock. I take my mail from the mailbox, and I turn towards the direction of my driveway. I walk down my rocky road to my house, my mind buzzing with thoughts and theories. One thought keeps coming back, who is in the house, and why are they there?


Continued In Future Writings



Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 21:07

       The wind whistled through the crack of my window as it poured outside. I curled up in my bed pulling the blanket over my shoulders to stay warm. A loud bang like the sound of a gun stuck me upright in my bed. As I shook with fear and chilling winds, I got up from my bed and opened the creaking, squeaking door leading to the steep steps of the second floor. Another loud bang from outside felt so intense. It felt like it almost made the ground shake. I ran frantically down the stairs and put on my gray uggs and my jacket then went outside. I looked up at the dark gray, cloudy sky. The cold rain fell softly on my face. I walked down the street and saw a dark figure behind a tree in the woods. I wanted to take a closer look, so I walk towards the tree, then bang! It was completely dark and I was all alone, with no one to help. I felt lost. I felt trapped. 

The Frozen Window

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 20:55

As the snow storm raged, I heard another sound. The sound of my window breaking. I got up from my desk, and walked over to the window.

    The window was small, a little bigger than a jail cell window, and without the bars. It had no curtains, which allowed me to view the storm without any obstruction. Through the fluffy, white flakes of death and cold, I saw the field that my father spent the entire summer stressing about.

    I paid no attention to the stupid field, and focused on the window that I hated. I saw it had a long crack, reaching diagonally from the bottom left corner, to the upper right corner. There was two panes of glass between me and the storm. Luckily the outer pane decided to break first.

    I first noticed the break over the summer. At first I thought it broke when I threw a shoe at it, but now I was almost one hundred percent certain I cracked the glass with the glare I give it each and every morning.

    Now the window was covered it frost, which made me wonder if there were more small, unnoticeable fractures in the glass. Only noticeable in the dark.

    The frost reminded me of a song I heard in a movie once. The only lyric I could remember was “beware the frozen heart.”

    Frozen heart. Like my father’s heart? My sister’s heart? Their hearts are pretty damn frozen. I shivered as the pane cracked again. My mind filled itself with visions of the window suddenly breaking open, and me falling to the ground in shock, covered in shards of glass. I knew that wouldn’t happen, but it was fun to imagine.

    I reached out and touched the window. The glass was the same temperature as ice. I traced the cracks in the window and imagined having ice powers and being able to create snow storms at will.

    It would be a lonely life. What if I accidentally froze everyone I love? What if I killed an entire town with a blizzard?

    But wouldn’t it be a wonderful way to kill all the people that have done me harm? The idiots would be dead, and no one would know what I have done. A perfect murder where Mother Nature is to blame.

    No one should kill, even if they have been wronged. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    No one would know. It would be a secret. Is it really so bad if you don’t get caught?

    I would know. I feel guilty enough when I see a horror movie, or listen to new music without telling my parents. I would destroy myself if I secretly murdered people.

    I looked at my reflection in the window. I noticed my frown. Was I a terrible person? Did I have a frozen heart like my sister and father? Or am I just human for thinking about powers that could only happen in works of fiction? I suppose I’ll never know.

In a Flea Market I Found Fleas

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:54

In a flea market I found fleas, 

Oh please, don't read this, oh please, 

'Cause you might not like this hairy stuff, 

Unless you are very tough. 

I started walking around to see what they had,

They had lots of food that smelled bad, 

Then I looked around for clothes,

But I found a flea holding a rose. 

I also found a flea statue, 

It was dusty, so, achoo!

I now want to leave this market, 

I then noticed it was a dream,

So I woke up without a threat, 

But it felt like a real scene. 

Because it was! 

It was all real, 

I just daydreamed a little, 

I also found a wheel,

So I ran. 

I ran so far not to see, 

That I am a flea, 

I'm just scared of everything, 

and they call me, 'Chicken Without a Wing.'

But apparently, it was a dream. 


The Callous Pickle

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:42

Once upon a time, there was a callous pickle that loved to make spells. One day, he cast a spell on a firefighter which would make him bald, small, and have warts on his head. 

Later that day, the callous pickle wanted to build some houses, so he and his friends could party and eat chips all night long. So, when he got done with his houses, he stepped on a nail and had to go to the hospital. The callous pickle went to a room to get a shot but the callous pickle hated shots a lot. So that was the karma for casting a spell on the poor, nice firefighter. 

After the shot was done the callous pickle went and donated all of his money to the fire station. And then he went to an orphanage and donated his houses so they all had more space to steep in. 

The callous pickle went back to his main house. 

The end. 

Ranch Man

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:41

Hi I am Ranch Man with my sidekick Dorrito Man and we are here to protect Hidden Valley from the Pickle Monster, and we are here to RANCH IT UP! 

"Ranch man help pickle man stole my favorite pickle jar!"

I will save you and your picle jar, It's time to RANCH IT UP! Which way did he go.

"He went onto Dill Avenue, quick I need that pickle jar to store my famous pickle's".

Dorrito were is your Nacho Cheddar mobile.

"It is over there, in the hidden ally, let me go get it".

Ok I will take the short cut through Hidden Vally Lane.

20 minutes later...

Quick Dorrito man we got to act fast before he gets away with the old lady's pickle jar, damn I love her pickle.

"Let's use the Nacho cheese chips to throw at the jar and nock it loose and we can contain it with the Nacho Cheddar mobile".

Thats a great idea, quick throw them.

"Dorrito gun activate, FIRE!

"You little brats you got the jar but you cant catch me" the pickle said.

I will use my Ranch spill to slip him up. Ranch gun activate, Ranch spill!

"We got him Ranch Man"

Good now lets bag him up 

"You little superheroes, you got me, this wont be the last on me! I will return!"

Kids this is Ranch man and i am saying Ranch out.

Ranch Man

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:41

Hi I am Ranch Man with my sidekick Dorrito Man and we are here to protect Hidden Valley from the Pickle Monster, and we are here to RANCH IT UP! 

"Ranch man help pickle man stole my favorite pickle jar!"

I will save you and your picle jar, It's time to RANCH IT UP! Which way did he go.

"He went onto Dill Avenue, quick I need that pickle jar to store my famous pickle's".

Dorrito were is your Nacho Cheddar mobile.

"It is over there, in the hidden ally, let me go get it".

Ok I will take the short cut through Hidden Vally Lane.

20 minutes later...

Quick Dorrito man we got to act fast before he gets away with the old lady's pickle jar, damn I love her pickle.

"Let's use the Nacho cheese chips to throw at the jar and nock it loose and we can contain it with the Nacho Cheddar mobile".

Thats a great idea, quick throw them.

"Dorrito gun activate, FIRE!

"You little brats you got the jar but you cant catch me" the pickle said.

I will use my Ranch spill to slip him up. Ranch gun activate, Ranch spill!

"We got him Ranch Man"

Good now lets bag him up 

"You little superheroes, you got me, this wont be the last on me! I will return!"

Kids this is Ranch man and i am saying Ranch out.

The Pickle Monster

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:38

This year was callous. My name is Brian and my house got burned down and a firefighter died. It was sad. Then I came back to the house and saw the firefighter -- he had a snail coming out of his nose but I cast a spell on him and he came back to life and then he said, "I need pickles!" (his word for brains). I ran away. He scared me to death. Then he went to sleep. I called 911 and they put him in a lab. He escaped and said "I need pickles!" People called the bug exterminator. People went nuts and then people killed it. I said, "I will never do that again and good night, good night, daddy. Oh, daddy, will it ever happen again?" Maybe! I hope not... 

"Dad! There is a pickle monster in my bedroom window! Help!" 




Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:36

Sometime I remember to breathe. 

Sometimes I don't. 

Our bodies do it for us. 

From the day you are born and wail to the day that your last breath disappates,

there will always be air in your lungs. 

But what does it really mean to breathe? 

Is it just the passage of air through your respitory system? 

An act that keeps one alive through day to countless day. 

Or is it something deeper? 

A calmness, a whisper, a break 

Sometimes I remember to breathe. 

Sometimes I don't.


Found Dinosaurs

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:32

I just knew that dinosaurs were real because my dad, Gina, was an astronaut. He went to planet Asorath and found hundreds of them. 

He tried to tame one and I never heard back, so two more people went there and brought tranquilizers and they tranquilized one. 

Then they tried to come back home home, but they went into a black hole. That's the last we heard of them. 

And then two more people went and they tranquilized two more dinosaurs and got lost in outer space. 

So finally we blew it up. 

The end. 


Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 18:57

There once was a man with a brilliant mind

With a landlord named hudson who was very kind

The cops call him crazy

when really it just them,who were being real lazy

His brother named mycroft is such an ass

Always telling him things like “ pick yourself up and have some class”

Then there’s a man of about 5 foot 4

Who would do anything for him, and then some more

Sherlock is a man quite special to me

He lives in a place called 221b

My Paddle

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 18:53

I would throw my phone. I would throw it a million times. If only it wasn’t so expensive.

I would be scared to throw it away. I lose it so much, maybe it’s the same.

I need my phone in my pocket. The constant in my pocket reminds me about the world. I’m here and grounded. It is my lifeline. A paddle for me to row my boat in the endless ocean of life.


Oh, and that money thing in pretty important too.



I can hear the sounds

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 18:52

Oh someone set off their alarm again.

Move off the road.

Something’s burning.

Time to take a break.

Sorry Officer.

Next Class.

Will that thing please stop it’s giving me a headache.

Stop writing.


Dear Baby,

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 18:50

Dear Baby,

It is vital to the survival of the world that you are kind. It is vital to respect the opinions of others, as long as those opinions respect other people’s existence. It vital that you fight for what you believe in and improve upon your past mistakes.  It is vital that you stay true to yourself, or the truest you can be in your situation. It is vital that you love, whether it is your family, a partner, or a pet. It is vital that you are active in your society no matter your age.

You have been born in the time of the internet. A glorious instrument of knowledge and power. You have been born in a time of science and discovery, but also a time of revolution and chaos.

Stay peaceful. Stay Kind. Speak your mind.

With the best of luck,

A fellow human


She, The Mistress of Puppets

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:45

    Everyone has good qualities and bad qualities, some with more bad, and some with more good. Marionette of Islia was taught that just the same as the rest of us, that she had good as well as bad. However, it seems her parents were not very convincing in telling her that she was good, or perhaps she simply didn’t listen.

    Marionette was born in grandiose Tuaville, an opulent town bordered by the gentle Sique mountains. Her mother was a seamstress, and her father crafted beautiful works of wood. She was the third child her parents had had, but the only one to survive. As such, her parents fawned over her, spoiling her with everything good and beautiful that the world has to offer. There was never a moment that she was not under their supervisory gaze, not near enough for their interference and safety should any dangers arise.

    It would seem such a loved and well treated child could only grow up to be an incredibly kind-hearted person, or at the very worst, spoiled and immature. However, this was not the case with Marionette. From near infancy, she adored catching any small creature she could and making it “dance,” which included setting it afire or throwing rocks at it. Her soft-hearted parents were shocked and discouraged her actions, but when they were both busy or looking in the wrong direction, she would find a way to do it.

    At four years old, Marionette’s mother, Sebastia, began teaching Marionette sewing in an effort to deter her from her unusually cruel play habits. However, teaching Marionette what “sharp” was turned out to be a bigger mistake than leaving her throwing rocks and playing with matches. She learned quickly, developing speed and accuracy in her stitching at an impressive rate. At the same time, there was an increase in the number of downed crows about town. Many were found with their wings mysteriously stuck to their bodies by what seemed to be black string.

    Years later, after Marionette had turned ten, the townspeople banded together and set her parents’ mansion aflame. Over those years, pets had gone missing, only to turn up dead on their doorstep with patches over their eyes, and strings on their limbs. Children out for a walk at dusk had been set upon by wolves, who had been tackled and strangled to death by nearby parents before any real harm could be done to the youths. The wolves had the same patches and strings. It seemed witchcraft, and the odd, dark child of the Evandalis house seemed the likely suspect, for all her quick movements, cruel smiles, and her ability to seemingly vanish before your eyes.

    For her suspected crimes, her parents burned in their bed, and her mansion burned to the ground, as she watched from the street with her young eyes. All while the arsonists went about their business, never turning back to see the girl standing there, she watched. Women and children frightened in their homes reported having seen a smile grow on Marionette’s face as the fire grew, and that when her attackers turned to find her behind them, that smile bewitched them to walk backwards into the roaring flames, even as their flesh crackled and burned.


After the murder of her parents and most of the men in her village, Marionette vanished from Tuaville. Nearby towns reported disturbing, mystical events occurring soon afterwards, then ceasing as soon as they had been realized. Young women and men began disappearing in the night, seen later in crazed, manic states. And as the years progressed, Marionette’s army grew to what it is today- A force more erratically and wildly violent than any before seen in Arveth. And despite Marionette, we still lie to our children about the good in everyone.


sup bruh

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:42

i like dank memes and i am ur daddy

The Perfect Day

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:32

I just knew today it was going to be a good day.The birds were chirping as I woke up to rays of sun shining through my window.I rolled out of bed and was greeted by my dog, Charlie.His soft, shiny brown coat reflected the rays of the sun coming through my curtains.My oatmeal was warm, as I watched the brown sugar slowly melt into the mushy oatmeal.I jumped out of the chair and went to get dressed into my favorite outfit.Today was already feeling perfect.School was great.Everything was turned in on time like it's supposed to.As I came home supper was in the oven.My favorite pizza.The smell could hypnotize you.That night as I fell asleep the curtains blew slowly from the wind coming from the open window.I closed my eyes and dreamed of tomorrow.


The Door

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:24

I just knew that if I went through the 24 karat gold door I’d be somewhere magical, but I didn’t know where I’d be. Would I be in Olympus? Would I be in the underworld? Or would I be in the labyrinth? I’d never find out, if I didn't go through the 24 karat gold door.


Where It All Went Wrong

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:17

As I jumped into the sewer I heard the sirens go over head.I sat down and thought to myself where did I go wrong.


When I was a little kid I loved to go to school and play with my friends.Then one night bandits came to my house and stole all we had.We were forced to sell our house,buy a R.V,and leave town.

Left Alone

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:11

     Why are you here? It was not a voice, rather an idea, that had been floating around my head, ever since I had been banned. I stand on the edge of the multiverse, a heretic for standing up to our rulers. For that, I was banned to the edge of the entroverse. Which stinks,by the way. I brought with me my greatest companion, who I sent with the last of my power, to find my allies and bring me back. But for now, I stay really bored on the edge, waiting for the day I can return, and finally catch up on my missed seasons of tv, no tv on the edge, no sir. Also get my revenge, that's cool too. 

To my newborn baby with love

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:42

Dear Gabriella Inez,

Today you were welcomed into a crazy loving family that is beyond happy to have you. We couldn’t decide if your name was going to be Gabriella Inez or Annabel May but as soon as we saw you we knew that the name would be Gabriella Inez.  The moment I laid eyes on you I instantly fell in love like I have never done before and so did your father. The moment our eyes met each other we made a bond that many mothers and daughters share. You weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and were 19 1/2 inches. You’re hands and feet so small but just perfect. You got beautiful blue eyes just like your mother and dark brown hair just like your father. In two days we will take you out of the hospital room and you will get to see the flowers and green that Vermont has to offer during spring for the first time. There are troubles of stereotypes of what your generation will be like but I know that you will prove everyone wrong. You will follow your dreams and do what you want because that’s what makes you along with everyone else happy. I can’t wait to watch you on the soccer field, on the basketball court, on the hockey ice, or just doing what makes you happy. I’ll be at all the games supporting you along with more of the family. You are so beautiful Gabriella and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do. You will never fail to put a smile on my face and make me proud. Welcome to the world Gabriella Inez!

With lots of love, your mother


The Good Sirens

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:34

Sirens. All I hear is sirens. The loud obnoxious sound drilling into my ears.
The sirens getting louder and closer to me every second. I take a deep breath and pull my car to the edge of the road, hoping that the cops are not after me. I cross my fingers and hope that the sirens go right past without noticing me. I have already gotten two tickets this month and I couldn't bare to get another one. The sirens pass my car, heading up the steep New York City street. Whew, I'm safe….I'm safe, but someone else isn't. Someone else out there called the sirens. Everyday the sirens are somewhere in the world, because of fires, murders, heart attacks, robberies, or accidents. I should be thankful for those sirens, doing us good everyday of our lives, preventing all of those tragedies. If you're ever the car and you hear those sirens, don't think it's a waste of your time to pull over, don't get frustrated with doing the extra work, because these sirens are saving the day. They are the good sirens.

My Fat Kitten

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:19

My fat kitten Kenobi is watching me type thisNow she is staring at the ceiling 

You can see her blobs of fat 

Sometimes we call her the black basketball

We sometimes call her the black basketball

She just left 

I can see her belly sway 

left right left right

She really likes food 

She <3's it

we got her At Pope Memorial Frontier Shelter  

They have LOTS of kitties :)

They are all so CUTE

None of them are quite as cute as Kenobi though.

Her full name is Kitty Wan Kenobi 

She was named after Obi Wan Kenobi

She is sooooooo CUTE

Siren, the Song of Death

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:08

You hear a sweet melody. So you walk toward the coast. You see a beautiful woman in the water. You hear her song. You go closer. You see she is ten feet in the water. So you step in the water. She turns around. You see she is actually a siren. She drags you to the depths and you were never seen again.

Your Story

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:04

Your story has begun.
Make it one to remember.
Set an example for our planet, 
You start right now, this December!

You are here to make a difference.
Let your voice carry far.
Never ever give up hope.
Always aim for the stars.

You are here to show the world,
How great a place it can be.
So, spread kindness, love, and joy,
For everyone to see.

I’ll warn you now this place is harsh,
Full of dangerous beyond compare.
We treat each other like animals.
Life is never fair. 

But always know you have a choice,
In what you say and do. 
Don’t let others bad influence,
Control what's really you.

Be the best person you can be,
Until your life is done.
Make it one to remember,
Your story has begun.


The Great Kindness Challenge - Third and Fourth Graders

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:04

Third and Fourth Graders Write About Kindness As a Prelude to the Great Kindness Challenge


Be kind to everything and everyone.

To pass kindness through the air with a wave or a smile.

How will you be kind to others?

Give a wave  even just saying hi can make someone's day.

Even  just a word of kindness can open the greatness  inside yourself.  

If  you're kind they will be kind back to you.I know you can be kind to everyone all you need is to be cheered on.

Just be kind to everyone  and to everything be a  hero!

By Nate


Use a smile with everyone.

Kindness is to use kind words.

If someone gets hurt help them up and make sure they are  okay.     
If you don’t agree with someone you do a little bit of both and compromise.

Include everyone and if there is someone who asks you to play

you should play with that person.

By Maddy M.


        The Kind Vine

I think of kindness as a vine because if someone is kind then                     

another person will be kind to someone else and the vine will keep growing.       

If people are kind to people it affects someone else to be kind.           

I think the kind vine is people being kind to people.

If you do not be kind the vine will not grow.

If you are always kind then the vine will grow super long.    

By Lucy    



If someone's down

help them up

Be kind to everyone at dawn

and be kind to everyone at dusk

Make everyone feel welcome no matter who they are

Make everyone feel included no matter where they are



It's what makes us go

Say hello to everyone you know

If not for kindness

friends we would not be

Make everyone feel that someone will help them grow

Make a smile, give a laugh, create a chuckle and make sure it doesn't pass

If not one of these try another

Hold a door

Make some colors

Make a gift

But if none of these float your boat make your own and make it good

By Atticus


The Kindness Tree

Kindness such a powerful word

It's like a tree in summer and the leaves are  all the people who are being kind or receiving kindness

The branches stretch to what ever leaf that needs kindness

The relatable moment where someone is kind

We hope this happens all the time  

By Lindsey B.


Have a heart and let people be a part of your games. If you let someone join you will feel better about yourself and that person will too.  When someone's hurt you should go check on them. If you have a smile but you are sad someone else might give you a smile. If you are happy and someone’s sad be kind in this life and the next. If your time is up you should know somewhere out there is someone who remembers your act of kindness to them and  somewhere over the rainbow at the end of the pond they will do the same for you, the light will shine and you will once again be reunited with that person in the meadows of daisies and daffodils.

By Sidney Ritzinger


LOVE KIND                                                                                                        


Kindness is love

Love is kindness

You share love with kindness

Kindness shares love with you

You show kindness

Kindness shows you

You show love

Love shows you

    By Eleanor




Are kindness

Kindness is

Kind words

Kind tone

Kind body language


Kindness is friends

By Eleanor


Be kind to others, kindness matters.  

Being kind will make you feel better.  

If someone fell down check in with them.  

Kindness travels in the kindness circle.

BEING kind will make you feel good!  

If you are kind the kindness

Will come back to you.

By Orrin


I remember when I asked if someone was okay because she started crying and so I got myself a cookie and her a cookie so she would not have to get up. She was crying because her hands were cold and they were hurting. I had asked if someone wanted to play with me and to other people. I remember when I asked if someone fell from the dome.

By Ann


I remember at a basketball game a couple of weeks ago it started out as a regular game but then I got checked onto the floor and got fouled. But when I was on the ground a kid on the other team came over and helped me up. He seemed really nice and later on in the game when I passed it he came up to me after I did and said when you passed it you also high fived me. We chuckled a little but then he had to get back on offense and I had to get back on defence. Then he got hit when playing offence and I helped him up just like he did to me. The rest of the game played out fine, we won the game but I went up to the kid after and said good game and well played.

By Jack


Kindness is important because it is important to be nice. If you are kind to someone, they might be kind to someone else who might be kind to someone else. Being nice makes the world a better place.

Some ways to be kind are to:


Include  everyone

Help someone if they are  hurt

Give  people compliments

Team work


Helping others

Respect others

Play with someone you don’t usually play with

When someone is sad, cheer them up


Encouraging someone


By Skylar



Say Hi or Hello

Give a smile

You could help them up if they fell down

You could help them spell a word

Give a lending hand

Say please and thank you

Cheer someone up if they're sad

Include everyone

Play with someone new

Feed your pet

Just be nice or kind.

By Savannah.



By Jasper Mayone



Now and always important

Determined to success

Nobody reaches it

Entwined with love




Kindness Haikus

By Kayla



We can make kindness

Kindness is all around us

The world has kindness



Good people are nice

People are considerate

People love people



We are generous

In many ways we are helpful

We have compassion



You can be kind even when you're blind you can still find a mind that is underlined  

everyone can see that you are not like me but don't stand there like a tree

you need to see that you can be brave and free.

By Lekha



Being kind is a good thing.

Don’t abuse kindness, if you do you lose kindness.

Think before you utter, you’ll make people feel like melted butter.

Kindness is the best thing the world has ever seen, kindness shall make you very keen.

By Evan






    By Olivia



I have times when people are kind to me, and they can be kind to you too.  Here are some ways to be kind, ask someone if they’re okay if

they fall, say good morning to someone, play with someone who has no one to play with so they have someone to play with, say how are

you, invite them to a party, get them a present, say please and thank you.These are just a few ways to be kind.You can be kind in many  different ways. But most important be kind.

By Lynsey



You should be kind. It will make you happy and other people happy. So you be kind.Here are some ways you can be kind to everybody. If someone falls help them up and ask if they are ok. One more reason is if someone does not have anyone to play with go play with them.Those are some reasons why you should be kind and how you should be kind.                                            By Sadie


Kindness is a gift to everyone

Everyone can enjoy

Smiling at others

When they’re sad

Try smiling at friends you don’t smile at as much

Being kind is helping

Being kind is smiling

Being kind is helping friends

Those are some things you can do when you are trying to be kind.

By Reese


“They’re beautiful, “Snowmoon,” Oakflame whispered. “Just like you.” Snowmoon smiled weakly. Three tiny kits squirmed at her belly, each still wet from kitting. One sleek gray one with black spots stood out. “Hollykit,” Snowmoon named her. “And the little tabby tom is Thistlekit.”

“The white one, the final she-cat, should have your name. Snowkit.” Oakflame said. “My three beautiful kits.”

“HELP!! HELP!! The kits are missing!” Snowmoon shrieked.

“Calm down,” came the gruff mew. “Here they are.” Thicketstorm gently shoved three embarrassed kits forward. “Tryin’ to catch mice, they were.”

“You always hated me,” Snowmoon whispered. “Thank you for being kind to my kits.”

By Anya


Can you be kind? I hope you can be kind. If there is a new student say hi to them. If there is an old lady at the road help her across the road . If there is a person at the door hold the door for the person to get in or out.   And that is how you can be kind to people and students.

By Tyce


Kindness Acrostic Poem!!





Non negativity







What is kindness? Kindness is when you are nice to someone.  You can help somebody off the ground or floor. You can say nice things or nice comments to be kind. If someone you don’t like gets hurt still help them up.  If someone you don’t like is nice to you be nice to them too. You can also help somebody cheer up if they're having a bad day.   If there is a person sitting by him or herself then play with that person. If a little kid is having trouble reading then help the kid by reading it outloud for him or her. There are so many ways to be kind that there would be enough ways to fill 10000,10000,10000,10000 books that are 10000,10000 pages long.

By Sally


                   An act of  kindness no

                     matter how small can

                      change someone's   

                          day around.

                            By CC

A siren

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:01

An echo of a mother’s laugh

Serene and beautiful yet empty.

So so empty.

Empty like a ship at the bottom of the sea,

Empty like the wind between the reef.


It’s allure is powerful and gentle, it tugs at your soul, your inner desires.

Not demanding but calling, like a mother’s lullaby to a drowsy child.

Lullaby, love, lullaby, love.

A tug at the strings that produce the song of the sea that lies within us all.

beckoning towards the tiny bit of ocean that is trapped inside.

Promises to deliver it back home.

So it will be safe.

Safe below. Safe in the deep, deep sea.


Deep. Below. Time. Has. Stopped.


Up above it is woven amongst the chaos of earth.


Beauty is a fragment when you are half dead.

So it calls.

It sings.

It beckons.

A sweet reminder of home. Reclaiming you at last.



The Black House

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:01

One day, Johnny and John were going on a hike. They got everything ready down to their lunch. May I remind you they had PB & J's for lunch. Yum! As they traveled farther and farther into the woods, they noticed that they were lost. They tried to check their phones to call somebody (no cell reception). They thought if they kept going, maybe they would find somebody. 

All of a sudden, they stumbled on a black house that looked abandoned. It was almost dark by the time they got there, so there was no turning back. They decided to stay the night. Hopefully, anyways, if nobody lived there-- *knock knock knock*. They didn't hear anything, so they opened the door. *creeeeeeak*. Once they were inside, they heard voices. 

"Last chance. You won't be able to leave after this."

They then got scared. They decided to leave. You could barely see, but they walked off the porch. They were surrounded by black creatures. They were tall. They didn't have any face. Only eyes. 

Johnny screamed. He was scared. They started to reach inward.

" don't hurt me."

Then it went back.

(to be continued)

It Won't Know

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 15:57

Today it will be,

a day of celebration.

a day of cheers.

for yet another child has taken their first breath.

Will they pray to god?

in hope for a safe sleep.

or will they choose the night,

of a child with wonders.

chances are,

the baby won't know who our president is.

the baby can't know,

That they might find a hole needing to fill,

with narcotics, alcohol, and pain.

the child won't know,

that as a teenager,

they might experience disabling anxiety,

and depression.

the baby can't know their best friend might abandon them,

for someone more popular.

the baby will only know how to shake a rattle

the baby won't know that woman still struggle for equal rights.

the baby won't know that the world is slowly depleating,

They will not know that we are trapping ourselves in a bubble of smog,

slowly killing each other without even knowing it.

the child can barely lift its head

how will it know

it's only the beginning 

of the end